Daniel Brightman

UX/UI Designer

  • Title page.

  • Content page.

  • Interactive quiz page.

  • Content page.

  • Animation with interactive hotspots.

  • Image gallery.

  • Interactive food chain.

  • Interactive timeline.

  • Content page.

Web interactive

Ice Station Antartica

  • Visual and interactive design
  • Flash development
  • Natural History Museum

To support the Ice Station Antarctica (ISA) exhibition, this interactive was released in five parts to encourage return visits. Every few days a new section was added to the folder, as if the user was collecting inserts.

The interactive contained assorted content; informational pages displaying text and images, interactive questions, picture galleries and timelines and animations with hotspots.

I was responsible for the design and creation of all the visual elements and the build of the application, including all the interactives within.