Daniel Brightman

UX/UI Designer

  • Title and attractor screen

  • Content screen.

  • Custom built HTML5 video player.

  • Image gallery.

  • Illustration style matching those used in the gallery.

  • One of the screens in situ.

  • Another screen in situ.

Gallery interactive

Content screens

  • Visual and interactive design
  • HTML/CSS development
  • Natural History Museum

Responsible for the visual, interface and interaction design and HTML build of these digital content screens. Part of a suite of interactives introduced into the refurbishment of the popular gallery, Volcanoes and Earthquakes.

Six content screens distributed around the gallery. Displayed on a 22 inch touch screens, there primary target audience is 13-14 year olds, key stage 3/4.

Situated throughout the gallery, each one is colour matched to the section it resides in. In addition to traditional content panels, these screens were designed to display supporting information, including videos, images, image galleries and illustrations. Each has the capacity to display four to six pages.