Daniel Brightman

UX/UI Designer

  • Title and attractor screen

  • Question presented with possible answers.

  • Correct answer selected.

  • Wrong answer selected, correct answer revealed.

  • Result screen showing how well the user did.

  • Gallery interactive in situ.

Gallery interactive

Tectonic Quiz

  • User interface & interactive design
  • HTML/CSS development
  • Natural History Museum

Responsible for the visual and interface design and HTML build of this interactive quiz. Part of a suite of interactives introduced into the refurbishment of the popular gallery, Volcanoes and Earthquakes.

Displayed on a 22 inch touch screen, it's primary target audience is 13-14 year olds, key stage 3/4.

Situated towards the end of the Tectonic section of the gallery. The aim is to provide an interesting way to test the users knowledge of what they have just viewed within the gallery. Providing instant feedback to answers, displaying whether they were right or wrong, highlighlting the correct answer with supporting text to further learning.