Daniel Brightman

UX/UI Designer

  • Title and attractor screen

  • Selection screen.

  • Plug dome volcano animation in progress.

  • Plug dome end screen with informtional hot spots.

  • Stratovolcano end screen.

  • Cinder cone volcano end screen.

  • In gallery testing.

  • Prototyping initial concepts.

Gallery interactive

Create your own volcano

  • User interface/interaction design
  • HTML & CSS development
  • Natural History Museum

Responsible for the visual, interface and interaction design and the HTML build of this interactive game. Part of a suite of interactives introduced into the refurbishment of the Museum's most visited gallery, Volcanoes and Earthquakes.

Displayed on a 22 inch touch screen, it's primary target audience is 13-14 year olds, Key Stage 3/4.

Situated in the volcano section of the gallery, the interactive is designed to teach users that different compositions of lava form different volcanoes and eruptions. Users chose between different options on the make-up of the lava, then watch the resulting volcano type explode.

When the animation is finished the user is presented with interactive hot spots, displaying information about key features.

The user can then either watch the whole animation again, and/or create a new volcano.